Try these easy to do traffic sources to get started

#1. EZ Submissions  You pay $6 per month to submit unlimited offers to over 100 search engines and you make $3 monthly when you refer people to it under you.

#2. The Prosperity Marketing Funnel. See for yourself. This is a WIN WIN combination.

#3. USA Lead Club.

 There you can get 135 Leads per month for $30/month.
#4. Blast4Traffic  use this for Bulk Mailing only. Stay focus and don’t get distracted. You pay a one time fee but you get to send your affiliate links to 5 different sites 3X/day if you like.
#5. GVO Hosting and Domains. You make $17 per referral under you
 You ONLY need  the 1)
Ebook for FaceBook Marketing Ebook.  for now. You pay $2.95 ONE TIME for the Ebook and  you will make $5 when you refer people. Making 200% commissions on the Ebook The Ebook teaches you how to get leads from Face Book for NLS or any other business you might have.
The GVO  Hosting you can do later if you are interested in selling domain and hosting and creating your own blog/website like I did.  You will Make 50% Commissions on the GVO Hosting when you refer people. 
Signing up for GVO Hosting is good because they also sell clicks for 20 cents in their traffic Co-OP.
So I only use the 1) Ebook, and the 2) GVO hosting to host my blog and buy the cheap clicks when the traffic co-op is opened.  They also have live chat support so I like that.
Know that NOW Lifestyle is the BEST there is out there. If you can’t make money with this then you will not make a decent amount of money anywhere else.
Because making money online is hard and ONLY 3% make money in the industry. NOW Lifestyle is a Goldmine. So be FOCUS, CONSISTENT, TAKE THE RIGHT ACTIONS AND NEVER NEVER QUIT
#6. Referral Frenzy. I use it daily for my email marketing. It saves time and I get leads and sales from that. You can mail to over 100 mailers at once. Once set up you only need to spend about 15-30 minutes a day to send out your mailing.
Referral Frenzy will take sometime to set up but it’s worth it so take your time.
Take advantage of the guaranteed paid signups for NOW Lifestyle. You pay  $40 for each one but you make $25 back from that and when they upgrade to reseller you make another $25 plus the $20 from the binary PLUS $12.48 of monthly residuals as long as they remain active. AND if they upgrade to the $997 ONE TIME and you are upgraded yourself, then that’s another $398 for you.
I get signups daily by using these sites to promote my offers like NLS. When you get your paid signups teach them to do the same under you in each of the programs you signup for. You make money and advertise to these sites or making money using their tools
This all may seem a lot to do but think of this way, if you were going to college to get a college degree, you cannot expect to get that  degree over night without studying or paying for the classes and books and so on. 
But if are persistent, follow the instructions, buy the stuff you need to succeed eventually you will succeed.
The same thing goes for opening a store or a restaurant. You will need  tools like a place to rent, products to buy to sell, people to hire and so on.
Your online business like NOW lifestyle is the same. Except it’s cheaper to do and you can do it from home.
The resources I recommend above are tools you will need to help you have success with NLS.
My BEST source of getting Paid Leads are are the guaranteed paid signups that Joel makes available to us through the traffic co-op. But because these guaranteed paid signups  are so popular and everyone in NLS wants them, they sell out FAST. So I try to keep some money aside just to get them whenever I can. I mean they sell out less than 30 minutes at times. So you have to be diligent be on the lookout for when Joel sends you the invitation to buy them.
At the beginning I was getting so frustrated because they would always sell out so fast by the time I try get to them.
So while I wait for the invitation to come to my inbox to buy them, I try to get them myself through the sites I recommended above.

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